Father & Son Gerardo & Alexis

Gerardo, A butcher since the age of 8 years old now 53; Is very talented and skilled. Gerardo was born in a small town in Michoacan and learned tons of recipes from his father who also had a Meat shop back in the day. His carnitas are recognized as one of the best in the state by many. His chicharrones with meat are as authentic as you can get. His wife Aurora makes the best goat Birria and Beef Barbacoa with handmade tortillas also made by her. When it comes to the meat department and the seasonings for the meat Gerardo knows best.Geraldo and his son decided to go with Harris ranch because they believe in the Quality that Harris Ranch has to offer and Pairing that with Gerardo’s Meat seasoning recipes is just a phenomenal mix.

His son Alexis Born and raised in the Bay Area has extensive butcher and meat seasoning knowledge. He has extensive business knowledge; Alexis is a Criminal Justice Graduate;  who also has 7 years as a butcher under his belt. He decided to partner up with his father and open Suprema Meat Market.

Suprema offers a vast choice of Mexican products including 1L Glass bottles of Coke; Pepsi; and many more. They also offer Handmade tortillas NOT MACHINE PRESSED; fresh sweet bread and fresh produce. Suprema is known for their Carnitas and Chicharrones. They’re most popular dish is the Suprema Bowl which is a Burrito without the tortilla. They also have a Meat Market which offers Harris Ranch beef; as well as pork; chicken; and Seafood. They also have Fresh salsas; Fresh cheese; As well as Ham and Head Hog cheese.

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