We are happy to serve the town of Atascadero. Inside you will find a small but very full Carniceria, Taqueria and Grocery store. We moved down from the Bay area to bring really good Mexican food and high-quality meats to the Central Coast. We are known for our Carnitas and handmade corn tortillas. They are developing a good flour recipe soon to come! We carry only the highest grades of beef on the market. BMS 8+ American and Australian Wagyu. USDA PRIME Harris Ranch Beef. Occasionally you'll find some really great Black Angus Upper choice as well. From Tomahawks to whole chickens. From 4 different kinds of Ribeye's to Lamb chops. Suprema meat market is definitely the place to get all your local grown California beef!

You will find one of the owners, Gerardo in the Butcher section. Very knowledgeable with 43 years of experience in the meat department. He grew up working his dads Carniceria in Mexico which was also a processing shop. You might sometimes catch him in the taqueria making carnitas which is something he specializes in. Other times you'll find him making Chicharrónes as well.

In the taqueria you will see Aurora occasionally making tortillas or cooking up some barbacoa. She is Gerardos Wife and every recipe in the kitchen is her very own. All the tacos come with handmade tortillas as per her request!

Alexis is the son of both. Sometimes you'll catch him in the Carniceria cutting up some steaks. Sometimes he'll be folding a burrito. However, most of the time you'll catch him everywhere! Very knowledgeable in all areas.

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